seductive sandalwood body lotion 450ml



  • provides long-lasting moisture without clogging your pores
  • leaves skin feeling silky-soft, smooth, and hydrated
  • helps soothe and target acne, stretch marks, and cellulite
  • non-greasy formula
  • suitable for all skin types


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seductive sandalwood body lotion 450ml
seductive sandalwood body lotion 450ml
seductive sandalwood body lotion 450ml
seductive sandalwood body lotion 450ml
seductive sandalwood body lotion 450ml
seductive sandalwood body lotion 450ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 585 reviews
Ramon H.
The smell/Texture is awesome!

I don't like all body lotions for different criteria, texture, smell, is it good for the body/skin.
But the "Seductive Sandal Bodylotion" is a game changer! I love all of it! I don't need to put alot on my skin for it to cover a large area, the smell is great! And it's definitely good for the skin! Compared to when i apply other Lotions, i don't sweat under the sun with it and the smell stays for a long period of time.
I'll definitely buy it again, hands down.

Lisa V.

I love the scent of the refreshing and the seductive lotions and body washes. So much so I have been giving sets away as gifts. Everyone came back to ask me where I purchased it so they could pursue. My last order included an order for my sister. Great quality. A little lotion goes a long way. Would definitely recommend.

Cyndie T.

love your products

Nik s.
smells good

Feels good

Paul M.
The whole family love it!

My daughter and wife are very picky when it comes to makeup and body lotion. When they tried the cream brûlée body lotion they were hooked! The smell is amazing and it really softens they skins well without feeling greasy.
I’ll be getting more in the future.

Michel S.

It smells AMAZING!! I ❤️ it!! 🥰

Soleil H.
Scent issue

The lotion itself is wonderful. I love how it feels and it’s very hydrating. No greasy feeling and it absorbs well. The only problem I have is with the scent. I believe it’s my body’s personal chemistry that is not reacting well with the scent; it smells great when I initially put it on but then the smell changes and it almost smells like vomit. My husband, who most of the time doesn’t notice scents, noted that he did not like “whatever you just sprayed or put on” lol
It’s a lovely musky scent so if musks accentuate your body’s natural smell, this will be great for you. If you’re like me and florals are more your thing, I’d skip this one.


Ahhhh...such luxury and pampering...Creme brulee body lotion....hands down THE BEST organic lotion in the world! And the scent is scrumptious!
In fact, I love it sooo much, I buy it regularly for myself, family and friends (save money when basd sends their 20% off discount email offers)

Laura D.
Great fragrance clean in Rich

This is my favorite all-time body wash. I love the clean ingredients in the way my skin feels from using it.

Carmen V.
My Favorite Lotion!

This is my favorite scent (citrus grapefruit) in these lotions ... light and refreshing. So glad the large-size bottle is back. I use it after every shower. Thick and creamy .... a little goes a long way.

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