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Get natural, organic and plant basd body care that doesn't suck. Available online and on Amazon with free shipping or try it out first in a store near you across Canada and the US like Credo beauty in New York and Calgary Co-Ops.We scored a perfect 0 on the think dirty scale which means there's no cancer causing ingredients, no allergens and won't irritate sensitive skin.

Check out basd - named the best body care brand you've never heard of by allure. We have truly awesome body lotions, washes and scrubs made from plant-basd and organic ingredients, like organic aloe vera juice, organic peppermint essential oils and more. Support local with made in Canada products with free shipping to Canada and the United States. All our products are vegan, and score a perfect 0 on the Think Dirty App scale which means you're getting nothing but the best products for your skin and health.