body wash, lotion & scrub bundle


$48.97 cad

care to mix and match? this bundle saves you money while letting you control which scent you want.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Kerry P.
Great product

The body wash smells so good and leaves my skin feeling fresh. I love the thickness of the body lotion and how I can feel it hydrating my skin. I will continue to buy this product!

Valerie D.

Loving my BASD body wash and lotion!!! Leaves my skin smelling and feeling amazing.


The scrub is a little bit messy but the scent is soooooo good! My skin feels so good after and I’ve noticed an immediate difference, clean beauty is the way to go !

hey rebecca! most of life's greatest indulgences are messy.. our philosophy :) we love where your heads at. thank you for making basd part of your self-care experience. we are grateful to have you! - basd team

amanda j.s.
Sandalwood lotion!

I absolutely love the woodsy scent of this lotion, I look forward to trying out the rest of the basd line.

hey amanda! beautifully said. woodsy is the perfect description. something more fruity or dessert-like would be our crème brûlée or citrus grapefruit, and a pure, refreshing and cooling scent would be our mint! looking forward to hearing your thoughts. - basd team

Paula L.

Awesome cream especially like the sandalwood. Absorbs quickly into the skin

hey paula! the strong, woodsy scent of the sandalwood is stunning! we're so happy you're pleased with it. have you tried the wash as well? enjoy! - basd team

Alyssa A.

I chose the creme brulee set and it honestly smelled way better than I was expecting. It's amazing and I wish I always smelled like that. The only downside to this set is that the coffee scrub package is super small, I'm a big lady and I might use a bit more than normal and it does go down really fast, I've used it a few times and I'm almost done! If we could buy a bigger bag that would be awesome.

hey alyssa! YES to exceeding expectations. love love to hear that. crème brûlée is such a staple scent. such great feedback, and i've forwarded this right on to ownership to look into. thank you for trusting us to always keep our customers needs in mind. have a fantastic day. - basd team

Lisa P.
So in love!!!!

The body wash is heavenly, the scrub is fantastic, moisturizing and invigorating, the lotion smells so great!!! The dietary supplements are great as well, added to coffee or water, not too sweet, keep it on my desk to add while I’m working!!!

hey lisa! thank you for your loyalty. your enthusiasm for our products has made our day. love that you are part of the basd family. enjoy! - basd team

Renee W.
Poor customer service

Reached out to customer service multiple times with no response.

hey there renee! thanks for your comment, we sent you a few responses back but haven't heard back from you! please let us know if you see our name in your inbox, or if we've got thrown into junk. we'd be happy to help you further - basd team

Love it

This was my first time trying these products and love them so far, coffee scrub is great leaves skin smooth, Mint body wash is great also would order again.

hey sonia! super grateful that you loved what you ordered! makes our day. lather away & enjoy yourself - basd team

Jules M.
Creme Brulee Wash, Lotion, Scrub

Smells Yummy but you're not supposed to eat it! LOL
Not oily, leaves skin feeling hydrated and smooth!
Love the way I feel and smell after! :)

hey jules! look good, feel good, smell good, YES! if only it was edible haha. thank you so much for the positive sentiments, and we are truly so happy you're a fan! - basd team

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