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seriously good greens tropical paradise 179g


Love this shampoo

best of both worlds & tastes so good!

This is my new favourite plant protein powder!! I love that I'm getting both protein and functional mushrooms in one scoop. The benefits are amazing - it's such a cool product and unlike any other protein I've tried before. Plus, it tastes delicious!! I blend it with a banana, some oat milk, and ice, and it tastes like a chocolate milkshake. You won't regret trying it!

Love these greens

Love these greens!! They taste good and make me feel so much better. Will keep buying!!


I usually hate greens because of the taste. But these ones are actually good! I drink them every morning and it's not just me choking them down because I have to, I actually enjoy the taste which means I will most likely continue taking them long term. Would definitely recommend

The Only Greens I Like

I have been searching and searching for a greens powder, but I had just not been able to find one that I could handle the taste of. Until now! I am so happy to have found this one that actually tastes good when combined with ice and a squeeze of lemon juice. Will definitely be ordering again.

The best greens I’ve had

I have never been able to drink greens enjoyably, but this is very drinkable - even enjoyable! Add the lemon juice as suggested and the ice!

BASD Greens

Such a great product, the flavours were good ! It’s been a week and I feel my bloating has gone down which is a plus. I just wish there was more product in the container, it’s half empty ! Over all I’d order again! ;)

Great taste

Absolutely delicious. I mixed the protein powder with the greens and water. Tasted fantastic.

great product

I love the BASD body wash. Especially the mint.

I love Basd items - i haven’t tried the protein powder yet though!

invigorating mint body lotion: the jilly box edition

Wonderful moisturizing cream

seductive sandalwood body lotion 450ml

Can’t believe you’re going out of business!!!! My favourite body lotion and wash.

My Favourite New Brand

My hair, my scalp has never felt better! Please keep making this shampoo and conditioner! Absolutely love it!

One of the best shampoos I have ever had.

refreshing citrus grapefruit body wash

Love the scent and the product overall.

invigorating mint body wash 450ml

Smells amazing

refreshing citrus grapefruit body lotion 1oz

Love !!

Just ok … I found the shampoo didn’t really lather well

mini body lotion bundle

Smells amazing

invigorating mint body wash
peppermint products

Your peppermint wash and lotion are amazing! I was so happy when I found this product as peppermint, just peppermint, is not easy to find.
So I was very disappointed to find out you are not going to sell body wash, lotion and hair care anymore. Very sad day.

seductive sandalwood body wash 450ml
Christian L.
Exactly what i want

Is this the perfect odor i want. I want it as a soap bar.


invigorating mint body lotion

Good quality, the smell is not over powering and the lotion works amazing!

invigorating mint body lotion
The best!

I first tried the invigorating mint body lotion a few years ago and keep coming back because it is truly the best. As someone who is pretty scent-sensitive and usually very averse to super strong and/or aggresively artificial smells, particularly in products worn close to or on the body, I really appreciate how this isn't overwhelming at all, just a super pleasant and truly invigorating true peppermint aroma. The formula is also great, feels very soothing going on and I swear my skin has never felt softer! I am so glad I got turned on to basd and would totally recommend this lotion.

indulgent crème brûlée body wash 450ml
Tammy M.
Love it

Best scent ever and very moisturizing! My new Fave!